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Contractors are not able to bid for work due to skills shortage

Build UK have run a recent survey that has said that 25% of contractors have had to turn down work in Q3 of 2016 due to worker shortages. This being reported on The Construction News has highlighted the ongoing skills shortage within the construction industry.

The survey carried out by Build UK has noted that the most difficult workers to recruit were professional/technical staff and supervisors, as well as carpenters and bricklayers. It has been well known over the past year that the skills shortage is causing the construction industry to suffer.

All trades are suffering from the skills shortage and they all require skilled workers; however, carpentry and bricklaying seem to be the hardest hit areas.

With more housing work being planned across the UK more workers will be needed. As there is 25% of contractors not being able to bid for work due to the labour shortages, it may mean the housing work isn’t completed and targets are not met.

25% of contractors have not been able to bid for work due to the ongoing skills shortage. 25% of contractors have not been able to bid for work due to the ongoing skills shortage.

However, it isn’t all bad news. Over the past few years’ lots of people have seen this as an opportunity to start a new career and get more work. At Able Skills, we have been extremely busy with all our courses as people have come from all over the country to start a new career and retrain in the construction industry.

Our construction courses have been very busy and lots of people have benefitted from them by gaining the skills and qualifications to start a new career. With the skills shortage ongoing more workers are needed and people are being encouraged to join the construction industry where the work is available.

We offer a range of City & Guilds and NVQ training and qualifications here at Able Skills that are run as a full time training option. Also, we offer weekend training options for people who have other commitments. Our centre is full of fantastic instructors for all trades with lots of adult learners looking to make a fresh start in their careers.

Bookings are now being taken on all our courses for 2017, with lots of adult learners ready to start a new career in the construction industry. For those looking to work on-site they will need to achieve the NVQ qualification to be able to gain a CSCS card. We offer the training and on-site assessments for our NVQ students across all our construction trades:

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