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Council bosses urge gas appliance checks

Homeowners and tenants across South Derbyshire are being urged by the local council to have all of their gas appliances thoroughly checked in order to prevent against fires, leaks and other issues.

South Derbyshire District Council urged residents to take their gas safety seriously, especially as the cold weather currently sweeping the UK means that increasing numbers of gas appliances will be in use. Items such as boilers, gas cookers and hobs and gas heaters should be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure they are working correctly and are not releasing any harmful gases into the home. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, which can be released by faulty gas appliances, can be fatal, and as it is odourless, often people do not realise that it is present in their home until it is too late.

The council's plea follows recent news from the Gas Safe Register which revealed that hundreds of properties located in the south of the county were home to faulty boilers and gas fires as a result of not being maintained properly. Poor initial installation by unqualified gas fitters was also listed as a major reason behind the dangerous items.

A spokesman for the South Derbyshire District Council told the Burton Mail: “We encourage people to have gas appliances checked every year. Poorly serviced gas appliances cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“To stay gas safe, people should have their gas appliances checked every year.People should check that any engineer is Gas Safe Registered,” the spokesperson added.