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Courses in bricklaying

The specialised trade of bricklaying can open up many career opportunities to those that have a love of construction. Those that enjoy hands-on work will find building a project from the ground up very fulfilling, and some even choose to undertake plastering courses to really see the project through to its finale.

Bricklaying coursesare extremely varied, starting with short courses covering the basics of bricklaying, right up to instructor or supervisory level. General skills that are taught include clearing and beginning foundations and the types of brick and material to use according to the job in hand, whether that be a garden wall or the foundations for a building; or even renovation work. Further development within this trade includes work dealing with paving or landscaping, right up to major construction work of large industrial sites.

A complementary trade, which could also include plastering, might include electrical or plumbing work, even if it is just at a basic level, as this will enable other important construction works to be incorporated into the brickwork. This will save the client time and money, as well as the expense of extra workmen.

Being a bricklayer might mean working outside a lot, so this trade is ideally suited to a person who does not mind getting their hands dirty in all weathers, and who also has upper body strength and strong hands.