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CSCS Crackdown On Fake Card With Partner Donseed

Donseed Make New Change To CSCS Smartcards


Electrical Times

In an attempt to crackdown on all the fake cards being found on site, CSCS's IT partner Donseed have have been analysing how CSCS SmartCards are being verified and have come up with new 'white paper' according to Electrical Times.

They found that visual checks with paper-based recording are almost 10 times more likely to occur than electronic checks using smart technology.

Now why is this an important topic?

Because if anyone can get on site, this meas there is no way to verify who actually holds the relevent skills and qualifications necessary for the given job. This causes huge health and safety concerns as incompetent 'tradesmen' will be working on projects which will automatically become inadequate. This will result in mass financial loss and time for construction firms as well as rogue traders worming their way into work as apposed to those who have spent time and money undergoing essential training who have genuinely earned their CSCS Cards.

With the new card set to make their way into the industry, they will eliminate the above risks as  electronic checks can detect fake cards with 100% accuracy in a matter of seconds.

Here's what CSCS's Chief Executive Graham Wren had to say:

“unless people use consistent and accurate methods of checking cards to certificate workers’ training and qualifications, the schemes cannot fulfil the roles they were designed for. The smart technology within CSCS SmartCards is a simple and cost-effective way to do this.”

This white paper covers:

  • The background of CSCS SmartCards
  • Current on site card checking procedures and how information is verified
  • How smart technology could be better employed to help tackle card fraud
  • The benefits of integrating third-party apps with CSCS’ smart technology

What do you guys think? Is it time for a harder crackdown? One thing we would say is that it doesn't seem fair for those who have worked so hard and spent their time and money undergoing relevent training courses all for someone to come along with a fake CSCS card and earn the same money.

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