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Cut Back To Become An Electrician

The likelihood of seeing some real effects of post election cutbacks across the public sector impacting on the private sector, means many men and women will be looking to their future prospects and perhaps thinking of career switching to a more promising and stable path.There is a big revolution occurring in the construction trades industry. The drive is on towards cutting back the UK's carbon footprint, and reducing emissions to the government's 2020 target. Not a day goes by without news of schemes, initiatives and latest launches of renewables technology now sweeping through the electrical and plumbing/heating world.Becoming an electrician today now has to involve learning about the installation of green energy technologies such as Solar PV. In addition to the received wisdom that the construction industry has been a solid provider of long term career prospects and survived recession more successfully than many other residential/commercial areas, considering an electrical course to train as a fully qualified and competent electrician, is an excellent choice.Even at entry level, without any previous experience, you can still enrol onto a fully approved and recognised electricians training course at an established and accredited skills training centre, a recognised method of complete trade learning, often not available by any other method. Too often, most working electricians tend to be sole traders who will not be able to offer the level of training and facilities required and those larger firms that do offer the required skilled electrician training tend to not want to train staff who may leave and set-up in competition with their former training company.A training centre is also the perfect environment for mature students with the problem of applying to local colleges which run two-year part time courses aimed at the younger student. Most mature students and even many younger students are of course keen to become qualified as quickly as possible and get going in the industry within months rather than years! Up until fairly recently, if you were over 25 years old you would have had no chance to become an electrician as no college or employer would look at you. Your only option then would have been to pay a considerable sum to buy a franchise.The right skills training provider should be able to guide your career aspirations in the right direction to help you achieve your training goals. There are many types of courses which allow you to train over periods of time that best suit your working circumstances and availability.The approved industry entry level for those with little or no previous electrical experience is the City & Guilds Electrical NVQ 2330 Level 2, which introduces you to all the basic principles including Health & Safety. To help with individual circumstances, you can even take this as a consecutive electrical weekend course. Your training should then progress to Electrical 2356 NVQ Level 3, or if you wish, you can combine both Level 2 and 3 in one complete course.