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Decorate your home in time for Christmas!

It’s unbelievable that in just under 15 weeks’ time we will be drinking Mulled Wine, tucking into Minced Pies and singing Fairy Tale of New York. 2018 has flown by and Christmas is creeping up on us and already feeling unprepared is the norm. Christmas is the time of year that everyone enjoys with big family get togethers and lots of food. However, many people will like to decorate their house before the family come pouring over and we aren’t talking about chucking up a tree and some lights.

Getting the ‘house ready for Christmas’ is a common saying and many people will get the paint brushes and wallpaper out and pretend they are DIY experts, when really they’re not. This is why here at Able Skills we offer short decorating courses that give people the skills to decorate their house the right way without making a complete mess. Every year we have students coming in around October/November time as they look to get some basic skills before they decorate their house for Christmas.

Whether it is wallpapering or just painting, our five-day courses offer the perfect training to get you started and giving your home the exact look you’re after. Here are all the short courses available to you:

The introductory course is for anyone that doesn't have any skills in decorating and they are coming to the centre as a beginner. They will be taught all the basics to give them an idea of how to decorate their homes with all the correct techniques. This is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the decorating industry.

Our advanced course is for those that have completed our introduction course and want to further their learning.

The wallpapering courses are five days. They are perfect for those people that don’t know the first thing about hanging paper and also for those that want to be able to confirm their skills and learn the proper technique. The students learn the whole wallpapering procedure with this course from how to set it up to executing the skill to perfection.

All our short courses are recognised by City & Guilds as courses that offer the right training to beginners. Many people that start with the introduction course will love it so much they even look at coming back to gain a City & Guilds Qualification. The benefit of the five day course is that this can be taken off the price of the qualification course and count as your first week of training.

If a Christmas decoration is what you need then learn how to paint and decorate the right way at Able Skills. Call 0808 100 3245 for more information on how to get started.