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Decorate your home in the New Year!

You can decorate your own home in 2017 by training at Able Skills in Dartford.

Start the New Year off the right way and learn some new skills. You could gain some decorating skills that will allow you to decorate your own home in 2017.

Able Skills have the perfect courses available for the people that want a basic skill set in painting and decorating. We have three short courses available that give our students some basic skills that will allow them to decorate their own homes.

Our three short courses available are:

These courses are very popular amongst our students as they look to get the skills that will allow them to do some jobs and decorate their own homes.

Our painting and decorating courses have become very popular at Able Skills over the last few months. This could be down to the skills shortage in the construction industry. However, it could be down to the fact that people are looking to decorate their own homes to get them exactly how they want them.

The introduction course is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to get some basic starting knowledge of the industry and pick up some great skills. This course is run for five days; however, we also offer it at weekends where it is completed over two weekends.

Students that want some more advanced skills will move onto our next five-day course, the Advanced Painting & Decorating course. This is a fantastic upgrade for those students who have some more complexed jobs to complete when decorating their home.

Our next five-day decorating course is structured solely towards wallpapering. This pathway is very popular as it targets a certain area and people who are looking for just some basic skills will find this more helpful. The wallpapering course is a popular option for the beginners that are looking for a more structured course around one skill.

Learn how to decorate your own home in the New Year at Able Skills. Learn how to decorate your own home in the New Year at Able Skills.

With the New Year fast approaching lots of people are making resolutions and are booking courses to either gain some new skills or start a new career in 2017. Many people will plan to decorate their own homes in the New Year, however, not many will feel confident in their skills to complete the decorating themselves. Our short courses allow our students to gain a great basic skill set in an intensive five-day course.

Decorate your house in 2017 with the skills that you will learn at Able Skills from our fantastic and dedicated instructor, Mark. He works extremely hard with all his students to make sure that achieve exactly what they want from all their courses.

Our decorating course are starting to fill up fast with popularity increasing, so make sure you get booking a course straight away. You can book a course by contact us on 01322 280202 and we will be more than happy to help with any further questions you may have. Also, you can book our short courses and qualification courses online.