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Decorating is for everyone!

We have a great range of painting and decoration courses here at Able Skills that are available for anyone with or without experience in this industry. We constantly have students doing short and long courses getting qualifications and NVQ’s which is great for their futures because it means that they are able to go out and work.

We have recently spoke to a few students about their course and how they feel it is going. At Able Skills we love to take time out to speak to our students to ensure they are enjoying their time with us and their course is meeting with their expectations. The two students I spoke to were Keith who is currently working on the 5 Week City & Guilds Painting and Decorating Course, Bernard who is doing the same course. Both students were more than happy to explain about their course and how they are finding it.

Keith & Bernard:

I spoke to both of these students together and they were both very polite and very eager to talk to me. They are both great examples of what happens here at Able Skills because they both started with the introductory Painting & Decorating course but due to them enjoying it so much they wanted to stay longer and get a qualification from their course so they extended it to the 5 Week course.

As there 5 week course went on Keith and Bernard have been focusing on 6 Mandatory Units:

  • Painting a timber window frame
  • Applying emulsion to wall by roller
  • Painting doors and frames
  • Applying oil based paint to walls by roller
  • Removing and hanging wallpaper to walls
  • Hanging paper to ceilings and painting

Also they have both picked 2 optional Units from the following:

  • Rust removal and priming metal
  • Applying paint by spraying
  • Introduction to glazing for painting and decorating
  • Using broken colour techniques
  • Working with hardwood finishes
  • Removing and refitting a water-filled radiator
  • Introduction to artexing and coving

Both of them were full of praise for their instructor Mark, describing him as ‘brilliant’ and ‘outstanding’. They have said Mark always made time within his busy schedule to help them and to go out of his way to get to know his students which really made them feel comfortable from day 1. Everyone I spoke to on the painting and decorating floor was very happy and they all got on with each other very well.

Keith and Bernard said everything about the course was perfect and the content of the course had great quality. They have both been really impressed with the business model that we have at Able Skills because it is really professional and has great content. Keith has completed a plastering and carpentry course with us and after his painting and decorating qualification he plans to go self-employed with his new set of skills. This is Bernard’s first course with us and he is now trying to get his son down to our centre to complete a course.

Like the majority of our students they have both come through completely different backgrounds, such as, Keith was a Detective before he decided to go for a career change and Bernard was working in the City in insurance, they have both come from completely different careers.

When I met Keith and Bernard I would have guessed they have been friends for years! However they met here at Able Skills and now they both plan to work together and do jobs together in the future.

We would like to wish Keith and Bernard the very best for their future together in the Painting and Decorating industry!