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Design greatness with a Tiling Course at Able Skills

tiling course

What’s the first thing you need to know about tiling? Don’t know? Neither did our City & Guilds Accredited Tiling Course student Alan Best. After hiring a tiler for some home improvements, Alan thought he could do a much better job and boy did he stick to his words!

We’ll let you be the judge! Great work for someone who ‘hadn’t laid a single tile before’. Take a look at his work pictured above and below.

tiling course

Alan told us that he used to own a fruit and veg shop however was given an offer he couldn’t refuse so decided to sell up. His initial interest in changing career to tiling took off after being left unimpressed by the tiler he hired. Alan thought what better challenge than to become a professional tiler himself, aspiring to launch his own business after he completes the 6 week course.

Alan said he was very determined after being told he will be assessed on dealing with natural stone as he had never dealt with it before. When asking Alan for his feedback he stated, ‘it was a great challenge’ and went on to explain that ‘managing to level out the tiles with the correct technique and skill was the most challenging part of the course’. Alan was quick to say he received a lot of help with this particularly from his instructor who he described as ‘very knowledgeable’ which went hand in hand with the ‘first class’ facilities available here at Able Skills.

tiling course

Alan’s particular tiling course spanned over a 6 week period in which different areas were covered. Students looking to follow in such foot steps can expect to learn the following:

Week 1 will teach you tiling basics, starting from scratch you will learn how to tile both wall and floor areas and gain a complete understanding of the requirements for any area you are planning to tile. Please see our Introductory Tiling course for the full details of this week.

Week 2 is an advanced training week, providing you with the skills to tackle more complex areas and giving you the opportunity to build on your speed, technique and confidence. Please see our Advanced Tiling course for full details of the content for week 2.

Week 3 is an assessment of your skills for which successful candidates will receive a City & Guilds certificate and portfolio detailing the work done.

Week 4 we will teach you how to lay both marble and slate tiling. This week is explained in more details on our Natural Stone Tiling Course.

Week 5 covers Waterproofing and Floor Screeding

Week 6 is the Assessment week. It is here where you’ll work to a specification in a fully fitted kitchen or bathroom area. You will come across all of the problems a professional Tiler faces when undertaking various jobs

Sound right for you? Here's another insight into the tiling course below as we showcase our facilities here in Dartford in the latest video. Should you want an even closer look feel free to pop in and see for yourself!