Over 200 construction professionals gathered for the Inspire Summit, which is continuing to act as a platform for encouraging debate on diversity and inclusion in the construction sector.


Experts and industry leaders debated a wide range of topics from tackling unconscious bias and implementing inclusive recruitment strategies, to attracting a more diverse workforce for the future and building the business case for diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Not many people know what they truly want to do for a living once they leave school, or college or even in their 30’s. The vast amount of opportunities in the construction sector are not widely talked about and some may even consider it not a profitable profession, when in fact the demand for workers in the UK and worldwide is incredible, so much is going on in the world of construction it's hard to know where to start.

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the UK economy contributing almost £90 billion (6.7%), comprising of over 280,000 businesses and covering some 2.93 million jobs, 10% of the UK’s total employment figure (Department for Business Innovation & Skills, 2013).

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construction courses

Construction courses

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What can you do?


There was much discussion among panellists over opening up the industry, breaking down barriers, creating inclusive workplaces and retention of staff.

There was much discussion around attracting more young people into the industry, as well as how to educate teachers, careers advisers and parents about the breadth of career opportunities available in construction.

Getting young people into construction, is important to create the next generation of industry workers, but it’s down to you ultimately to get involved, put aside your nervous thoughts and doubts that its too hard and you would understand it, we can put you at ease and have tutors on stand by to ensure that you don’t get left behind and that you understand completely what’s being taught.

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construction courses

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