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DIY Hacks of The Week: Herb Gardens & Hammocks

Hello crafty sorts, practical chaps and hands-on heroines, welcome to a fresh fortnight of DIY inspiration from Able Skills. Whether you’re honing your trade or simply having some fun, these projects will keep you busy and creative this June. Why not create…

  • An upright herb garden?
  • A tetrahedral kite?
  • A hammock stand?

1. Upright herb garden

Whether you lack the space or soil quality for a bed of herbs, this cool, upright herb garden is a great project for a sunny weekend, perfect for growing all sorts of tasty greenery and giving your cooking plenty of flavour. From coriander for your favourite curry, to mint for a tasty lamb accompaniment, this contraption is simple to construct from a few old bits of wood and some guttering. Here’s how it’s done.

2. Tetrahedral kite

For crafty sorts with younger kids – or for the perennially young at heart – this brilliant kite is modelled on one designed by inventor Alexander Graham Bell. It’s not just a thing of beauty, it also flies like a dream, perfect for lazy Sundays with a gentle breeze! To create this contraption you’ll need only a few basics: tissue paper, string and straws. Here’s how to put it all together.

3. Hammock stand

Looking for a project which will guarantee you an even lazier Sunday? This amazing hammock stand is perfect for summer, offering you hours of blissful reading and snoozing in the sun. The creator of this how to reckons it cost him around £30 and took about 3 hours to complete – not bad for a whole season of relaxation! Get the instructions here.

Have you successfully built a kite in the past? What design did you use? Do you have any summertime projects lined up? Share your ideas with other DIYers below.