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DIY Hacks of The Week: Power Banks & Standing Desks

Welcome back, practical chaps and lasses. Whether you're training as a plumber, carpenter or spark, it never hurts to keep your general practical skills active. If you're searching for a weekend or evening project to keep you busy, we've collected three of our favourite Instructables to make sure the devil makes no work for idle hands! This fortnight, why not make...

  • A power bank from a car charger?
  • A beautiful handmade wine bottle stopper?
  • A standing desk from iron pipe.

1. A Power Bank from a Car Charger

Refuse to go flat when you're out and about. This cheap to make power bank will ensure you have charge even when you're in the middle of nowhere. You'll need a little electrical know how and a few odds and ends including a 9 volt battery, a switch spst, a diode, ohm resistor and a female pin connector, but assemble your materials and the actually project is pretty straightforward with a little bit of knowledge. Handy, too! Here's how to make one yourself.

2. A Handcrafted Wine Bottle Stopper


With a block of wood and a few odds and ends you can craft a beautifully made bottle stopper to bedeck your favourite tipple. While this Instructable is all about making a fairly plain design, with a bit of woodworking creativity, we're willing to bet you can whip up something even better. These beauties also make wonderful, handmade gifts for the other wine lovers in your life and are asking to be customised. What can you create using this Instructable as a starting point? Share your creations below.

3. A Standing Desk from Iron Piping


Standing desks may have seemed like a fad when they first came onto the scene a couple of years ago, but with proven health benefits and real medical recommendations to their name, they're becoming a tried and tested way to give your working life a health boost. Usually very expensive to buy first hand, this Instructable will help you make your very own with little more than iron pipe and a piece of timber.

Have you tried using a standing desk before? What was your experience? Share your latest projects and makes with other practical people below.