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DIY Hacks of The Week: Wine Racks & Mini Foosball

If these long summer evenings are leaving you feeling like you should be doing more with the daylight hours, it’s well and truly time to start a new project! This fortnight we’ve collected three fun projects ranging from the quick and silly, to the more labour intensive and grown up. Tools at the ready, tradespeople, as we share instructions on how to make…

  • A wine rack made from reclaimed pallets
  • A handy pallet toolbox
  • A mini foosball table

1. Make a Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

Here’s a great, low-cost project which will turn an old pallet into something much more usable – a wall-mounted wine rack Your bottles slot into the top and your wine glasses hang attractively below, with plenty of room for corkscrews on the middle shelf. We’ve seen our fair share of pallet projects over the years (picking up leftovers is one of the perks of a job on site!) and this is one to be proud of. Learn how to make your own here & bottoms up.

2. Turn a Pallet into a Toolbox

And if you have any pieces of pallet left over after your wine rack is complete, why not make it useful by turning it into a toolbox? OK, so you probably won’t get much use out of it on site, but for storing odds and ends at home and in your shed, it’s a pretty good bit of kit that looks like lots of fun to make. Brothers Andrea and Morris will even show you how to make a simple metal etching so you can put your mark on your new toolbox. Get the instructions here.

3. Make a Mini Foosball Table

If you’re keen to get your kids making and doing (especially with the long summer holidays coming up). This easy peasy little Instructable is perfect – and you’ll get plenty of playtime out of it too. Using pegs straws and a cardboard box, you can create your very own foosball table and have hours of fun!

Do you have any more fun projects to try with the kids this summer? Share your ideas with other makers and doers below.