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DIY Hacks of The Week: Tree Trunk Coasters & Matchbox Rockets

Hello makers, doers, bodgers and all-round crafty sorts. Are you looking for a project to get stuck into this weekend? Why not try one of our fortnightly favourites. Let’s make:

  • Tree trunk coasters
  • C clamp phone holders
  • Matchbox rockets

1. Turn a fallen tree into awesome coasters

Remember how much fun stacking things used to be when you were young? Whether it was Lego or plastic cups, there’s a lot to be said for the simple pleasure of piling things up! Now that you’re all grown up, this is just as true – especially if that stacking has something to do with beer and awesome natural materials.

This relatively simple DIY hack will turn an old tree branch into amazing stacking coasters which look just as cool on your table they do piled up. Have a go!

2. Make a tiny C clamp into a phone holder

It turns out that miniature C clamps are actually really handy for propping up your smartphone in all sorts of positions – great for when you’re reading DIY hack instructions from your mobile in the shed! This handy tutorial will show you how to build a mini C clamp all of your very own, so you can get the most out of your phone at work and play. The trick to this project? Precision! Let’s see if your woodworking skills are up to scratch…

3. Matchbox Rockets

And now for something a little less serious. If you want to get your youngsters involved in your next project (or if you happen to be a big kid at heart), this matchbox rocket Instructable is ridiculously fun – just make sure everyone keeps a safe distance away before you start the countdown. To complete this excellent mini project you’ll need a box of matches, tin foil and your childish streak! Then it’s time for 3…2…1….

Do you have a favourite project to do with your kids? How far did your matchbox rockets go? What are you working on in your shed? Share your creations and grand plans with other crafty sorts below.