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DIY Tiling Courses in Kent

Everyone has that one annoying crack or chip in their bathroom tiles and never do anything about it, however, with our DIY tiling courses you can fix it yourself!

Tiling is a brilliant trade and is quite an art that many people would shy away from trying it. Lots of people would not even think about DIY tiling and just employ someone for the smallest of jobs.

It may be a tiny crack in a bathroom tile, however, because you do not have the skills to fix it yourself you will often leave it and try to hide it.

At Able Skills, we have given many people the chance to get rid of them cracked tiles in their homes and replace them with new ones themselves. Our DIY tiling courses have been running successfully for nearly 15 years and many students have benefitted from our five-day courses to fix and tile their own kitchens and bathrooms.

DIY Tiling courses at Able Skills this summer! DIY Tiling courses at Able Skills this summer!

We now offer three different tiling courses that are focused for students looking to gain a DIY knowledge of tiling. Along with our Introduction to Tiling course, we also offer a 3 Week DIY Tiling course and a 4 Week DIY Tiling Course.

All three of these courses are available as a full-time option and at weekends. The weekend option for our DIY courses are extremely popular as the students usually have working commitments during the week.

Both our tiling instructors are dedicated to giving their students the best possible training and passing on their years’ worth of knowledge from the industry.

All our tiling courses have become very popular due to the demand for Tilers across the UK and our DIY tiling courses have been equally popular. This has been down to the increase of people looking to save money and do it themselves.

Here are our current tiling students hard at work during their course last week.

If you are interested in any of our DIY tiling courses, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0808 0100 3245 for more information.