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Domestic Electrical Career for Darren

Sometimes you will think about a career change and have a plan of what you want to do but you’ll never actually do it. This is exactly what Darren kept doing until he finally came to Able Skills to become a Domestic Electrical Installer.

Domestic Electrical Darren is pursuing a career as a Domestic Electrical Installer

After 20 long years working in the catering industry as a high-end Chef, Darren finally built up the courage to go and train for his new career. For the last five years Darren has been unhappy in his career and has always wanted to go into the electrical industry but never felt that he could do it. That was until he found Able Skills and he contacted us straight away and booked his Domestic Electrical Installer course.

Darren had read reviews and read our website, but he didn’t know what to expect from the course. However, the course met all his expectations and more. Darren was full of praise for the structure of his course and all his tutors throughout his time with us.

Firstly, he completed two weeks of domestic electrical training with Bryan and he was shocked at how much he learnt in just two weeks. The week after was his 17th Edition and PAT Testing course and his tutor Rob was a big help as he passed both exams with great scores.

Finally, his last course was again with Rob and he excelled more than he thought and passed both the exam and practical assessment.

Darren is now starting with some domestic electrical jobs for family and friends, as he begins to open his own domestic electrical company. He is also looking to come back and complete the new 2391 course here at Able Skills.

We would like to wish Darren the best of luck for the future in his new career and we look forward to seeing him again soon.