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Dulux Trade enhances its high performance trim system

Professional decorators can now benefit from the improved Undercoat White and Pure Brilliant White trim paint from Dulux Trade.

The paint manufacturer worked to enhance its solvent-based product as part of its commitment to providing professional decorators with premium performance coatings.

The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 2010-compliant paint offers a flatter, smoother finish, further minimising visible brush marks and roller mottle, allowing for multiple layers of paint to be built up more easily.

Dulux has also worked to bring down the sheen of the paint, making it easier for professional users to disguise uneven surfaces and small blemishes.

The reformulation comes little more than a year after the last enhancements to the product, demonstrating Dulux’s efforts to keep up with the very latest chemical developments and to offer the best possible product.

Dulux Trade Core’s Alex Briggs said that it is vital for professionals to have products that are able to trust when it comes to working on trim.

“The latest versions of our Undercoat and High Gloss paints have been designed to do exactly that,” he said. “We’re dedicated to providing appliers with the highest quality professional products – ones that make jobs that little bit easier and guarantee customer satisfaction time after time.”