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ECA shows the largest increase in turnover for electricians since recession

Recent figures from the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) confirmed that electricians saw the largest increase in turnover in the third quarter of 2013 since the beginning of the recession in 2008.

According to the data, 34 per cent of companies that responded to the survey reported that they saw an increase in income over the three-month period. This represents a 13 per cent increase on the second quarter of this year.

Steve Bratt, chief executive at the ECA, dubbed the increase "great news … particularly as industry confidence has also significantly increased for the coming year." He added: "Our experience and expectations for 2014 mirror that of the wider construction industry, as seen in the latest Construction Trade Survey, so we are hopeful that it is not just a flash in the pan."

The research also found that 24 per cent of respondents experienced a decrease in turnover, while 42 per cent reported that their performance remained static between the second and third quarters of this year. Fortunately, things appear to be increasingly positive when looking ahead, with 36 per cent of respondents expecting an increase in turnover over the next 12 months.

Mr Bratt advised caution and a continued commitment to growth when looking further down the line: "As we emerge from recession, negotiating the recovery is going to be equally as important as surviving the recession. After years of belt tightening, with reduced margins and cut-backs in staff, it is now time to re-align thinking and plan for the future."