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Electrical and Trade Skills Training Highlighted In Report

There is always a shortage of qualified and trained trade skills personnel, whatever the economic weather! It's been a consistent fact voiced many times and recently highlighted by a new document from the Commission for Employment and Skills, entitled 'Ambition 2020'.The report suggests that Britain must dramatically improve the skills of its workforce in order to maintain its place in the world's economic rankings. Acknowledging that even in its current state - recovering from recession and facing austere cutbacks - the country's economy remains "world class". However, economic success rests on skills, jobs and productivity - and it seems the UK is well below average on the first of these, requiring swift and decisive action to be taken.The findings were also echoed recently by the President of the Electrical Contractors Association, who said that the UK is 'facing a ticking time bomb' because of a shortage of skilled workers such as electricians and plumbers. Because of a previous emphasis on university education rather than on-the-job-skills training, the valuable role of electricians and plumbers and other trade skills persons carrying out essential work in the home and businesses,?