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Start your Electrical Career today!

One industry that is currently booming is the Electrical industry. Thousands of Electricians are called out to peoples home everyday in the UK for minor problems or even full installations and the shortage of properly trained and skilled Electricians is not helping the increasing demand.

Opportunities now for hopeful Electricians are higher than ever as demand for their services is growing every day. So if you are looking for a career change with a lot of potential then the Electrical industry is the perfect solution.

With different courses that allow you to learn the basics of domestic installations to long courses that can put you on your way to becoming a qualified Electrician.

At Able Skills we offer specialist training for all levels. You are able to start at Able Skills as a complete beginner and work your way to become a fully qualified Electrician that is ready to work on all jobs offered. Our courses are extremely popular and fill up fast as we have a reputation of offering first class courses to every single student.


Large retailer, Yesss Electrical, regularly deliver all of our materials and equipment for our students to use. Also due to a partnership with them they will regularly come in and offer sign ups for new Electricians.

For all Level 2 Electrical students that study at Able Skills are provided with a FREE CK Tool kit to use throughout their course and is theirs to keep for when they begin their new careers.

Here is a short clip on our hard working Domestic Installer students at the start of the New Year as they make the first steps in their careers as an Electrician.