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Electrical Courses and Electrician Training This Week Including The 2391!

Inspection and Testing CoursesEvery week Able Skills hosts new courses amongst all trades and today marks the start of a new group of students on the 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Course. Also being held in the centre this week is the City & Guilds Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course, as well as the full time City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course. For those that re looking to get into the industry or want to know a bit more about such Electrician Training and Electrical Courses, the below may be beneficial to you.

Pictured above, students can be seen participating in the theoretical side to their class as they're taken through various material by an industry expert instructor.

The Inspection and Testing Course is one of several Electrical Courses provided here at Able Skills and we will have these students for the next 6 days. This particular course is entirely theory based and in order to successfully complete the course, students must undergo a 2 hour online 60 question multiple-choice exam, an 80 minute written assessment and a 2 and half hour practical assignment.

The written exams are open book and candidates are permitted the following with them in the exam room:

  • BS 7671
  • IET On-site Guide
  • IET Guidance Note 3

Please note the 2.5 hour practical assignment involves a full Initial verification and a Periodic inspection (combined within the same assessment) of a three-phase electrical installation, which includes completion of all appropriate documentation.

Week 2 On The Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course

Last week we recorded live footage of students who have undergone our Home Study Electrical Courses and are currently on the Level 2. It was their first week and we showcased just how quickly we get students up and running with real electrical work they can expect in the real world.

Well this week, we see more students (some from last week) undergo the next stage of their electrical training course which is week 2. Here's what they will be trained on:

Week 2

On-line exams: 202

Practical tasks to include:

PE/05: PVC conduit 1, lighting circuits

PE/06: PVC conduit, power circuits

PE/07: Main Equipotential bonding

PE/10: FP 200, lighting circuits

PE/11: FP 200, power circuits

Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses

Notice we said 'some' students from last week as one major advantage of Home Study Electrical Courses is that you have the power and flexibility to choose when you want to come in as and when it suits you! Students who came for their first week last week, can choose to start week 2 today or further in the future.

Finished Your Level 2? Try The Level 3

The City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course is a natural next step for anyone who has previously completed their Level 2. If you really want to get a head start in the industry and are looking to one day complete your NVQ level 3, then it may be worth investing in your time with the Level 3! It provides students with an advanced understanding of electrical science, inspection & testing procedures, fault diagnosis and rectification and installation design.

home study electrical courses Able Skills Electrical and Electrician Courses are City & Guilds accredited

Experienced enough to skip the Level 2? That's fine if you can provide the following:

  • Provide a comprehensive CV
  • Provide detailed letters of reference to confirm exactly what work you undertake, roles, responsibility etc
  • Come in for 3 days to complete the following units:
  1. 201 - practical task
  2. 601 - online exam
  3. 204 - practical task

Please note these additional days are charged at £500 and required for us to generate full certification at level 3 (mapped units from level 2). To help with these units, we provide home-study documents ahead of attendance to make things even easier for you.

So there you have it, another great week of Electrical Courses and Electrician Training for students at Able Skills. If you feel as if you're ready to invest in a brighter future for yourself after reading the above, please click on the above links or click here for an extensive list of the Electrical Courses and Electrician Training we provide.