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Electrical Courses: Busy day in our new centre!

Our electrical courses at Able Skills are busier than ever and lots of students are working extremely hard to begin their new careers in the electrical industry. Due to the high demand we have recently opened up a new centre with brand new training equipment and facilities, this is so we can offer more courses.

The need for more Electricians in the industry is rising due to the increased building of houses across the UK. More men and, especially, women are being encouraged to take their career path into the electrical industry. Lots of women have seen the opportunities that are out their in the electrical industry and many have trained at Able Skills to start their new careers.

Able Skills have students here all year round as they look to start their new careers. We offer all the courses from a starting point of the Level 2 Electrical course, all the way through to the final NVQ and AM2. The majority of our students that take the level 2 course will then progress onto the level 3 course with us. A lot of them will even do the whole package to become an 'Approved Electrician'.

Electrical Courses are extremely popular at Able Skills in Dartford. Electrical Courses are extremely popular at Able Skills in Dartford.

We have a whole team of exceptional electrical instructors that work tirelessly to make sure every student gets the best possible training and the best start to their career. All our instructors get fantastic feedback from their students, which they are very proud of.

Able Skills are proud to be an IET Centre of Excellence and lots of students are already out their working as Electricians thanks to the training they have received from our fantastic instructors.

Our new electrical centre has been very busy and one of our current level 2 groups have been busy working in their during the practical elements of the course. All of them are really enjoying using the new facilities and they are all progressing very well. Here is some of them hard at work as they train towards their new careers.

Busy Day in our New Electrical Centre - YouTube

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