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Electrical Courses - Lorianna's path to her Level 3...

electrical coursesLorianna is one of our newest students here at Able Skills. Looking to become a fully qualified electrician in the future, she is currently studying towards her City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course. Being one of the several Electrical Courses offered, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with Lorianna and find our what lead her to this particular one.

So Lorianna, what were you doing before this course?


Well I had been travelling for quite some time. After I finished school I wasn't quite sure what career path I wanted to take and liked the idea of travelling to really find out what I want to do with my life.

It was after I spent time in Australia that I realised I have to do something I enjoy if i want to do well at something. Alot of people force a job on themselves but I knew this wasn't who I really was.

electrical coursesVery admirable! So what turned your head towards Electrical Courses?


Well during my travels, I kept hearing about the skills shortage within construction and I saw first hand at how much money tradesmen were making.

I had quite alot of friends that went to university but once they had graduated they still weren't earning alot and far from what they anticipated.

To be honest I think they also just chose any degree and were more interested in the social side of things rather than studying towards an actual career.

As I knew i didn't want to fall down this trap I knew I had always been interested in electrics as I remember my Dad working within the industry from a young age. He always seemed to enjoy what he did and it definitely had a positive effect on me.

The Level 3 Electrical Course is the next step for me after having done the Level 2. I did my research and discovered that if I want to build on my career within the industry then this is the way to go.

And oh yea, everyone I spoke to on my travels kept telling me to make sure the Electrical Courses I take are City & Guilds accredited. After returning to England and actually starting my courses, I'm no longer curious or surprised as to why everyone in Australia knew about City & Guilds!

Haha! People really don't realise where a City & Guilds qualification can take them do they! Good to see you're working towards something you enjoy. Can you tell us what you particularly liked about studying towards the Level 3?


electrical coursesWell I really liked how hands on the Course was. I expected to be stuck sitting down at the start but before we knew it we were all working on tasks that mimicked the real world.

I have to say Andy (instructor) was a diamond! He was very patient and he always explained things in a way I would remember.

We'll be sure to let Andy know! We're glad you liked the teaching and course material, but what about the facilities?


Oh it goes without saying. Before I enrolled onto the Electrical Courses, I thought it would be a good idea to do my research on Able Skills first. I came across several images and videos online and even saw a 360° picture of one of the electrical centres.

They looked really good so I went down myself and made sure I got shown around. Everyone student had they're own space and equipment to work and it seemed really high tech.

Good stuff! We always encourage potential students to come and check us out in person just to show we really live up to our name. That leaves us with one final question Lorianna... How did you hear about us?


It was actually word of mouth. I was speaking to some friends of mine who had been here before and recommended I check you guys out.

Nice! Thankyou for the lovely feedback! We wish you all the best for the future.


Regardless of when you make the decision to learn a trade, what's important is selecting the right course provider for you. Making sure you have access to independent reviews as well as visiting the centre in person are both things we value at Able Skills.

With that said, if you feel like you would like to join Lorianna on her journey to becoming a fully qualified electrician, then please click here for all relevant information.