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Electrical NVQ students are now being assessed on-site!

It can be a long process to become a fully qualified Electrician, however, it is a process that is well worth it when starting a new career.

Our students at Able Skills can start from the very bottom and work their way up to becoming a fully qualified electrician with our electrical courses. Starting with the Level 2 Electrical course and finishing with the AM2 to become an ‘Approved Electrician’.

Once all the courses in our centre at Able Skills are complete it is now time to start working and begin to earn the electrical NVQ. When our students gain a work placement they are then able to book for our electrical NVQ assessor, Clive to come and assess them at work.

Clive travels to various different locations to assess our students at the work place so they can work towards gaining their electrical NVQ’s. He assesses students throughout the week on many different sites where our students are currently working.

After a long journey and a lot of courses our students are now well on their way to becoming fully qualified Electricians. We have lots of electrical students in our centre every week and the majority of them will be looking to go onto achieving the electrical NVQ and AM2, Clive will certainly be kept busy!

Once all the on-site assessments are complete and the NVQ has been passed, our electrical students will then come back to Able Skills to complete their AM2 assessment, which is a timed assessment that can mean they become an ‘Approved Electrician’.

Some of the locations around London where Clive has been carrying out Electrical NVQ assessments. Some of the locations around London where Clive has been carrying out Electrical NVQ assessments.
clive Another site where Clive has been to complete Electrical NVQ assessments.

At Able Skills we get regular calls from companies around London and the South East of England looking for electrical NVQ students. The increase in work for Electricians is meaning that more Electricians are needed all over the UK to handle the demand of work.

We are an IET Centre of Excellence and we like to make sure either single one of our electrical students get the best training and the perfect start to their career as an Electrician. We want to make sure the students leave happy and with the electrical NVQ that will allow them to work as a fully qualified Electrician.

If you would like to start from the beginning and go on to become a fully qualified Electrician, then contact us today on 01322 280202!