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Electrical Professionals warned of buying FAKE 18th Edition Wiring Regulations!

Electrical Professionals warned of buying FAKE Wiring Regulations!


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Have you been victim of purchasing FAKE copies of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations? News has just come in urging all Electrical Professionals to ensure they're using genuine copies as counterfeit PDF's have surfaced the internet tricking those within the Industry.

Now this is a very serious problem for those carrying out electrical installations as false information can potentially put the public in mass amounts of danger should the faulty work be carried out at the hands of mislead Electricians.

Mark Coles, Head of Technical Regulations at the IET said:

“The counterfeit PDF copies of BS 7671:2018 we have seen initially look very convincing but are sprinkled with errors which can lead to dangerous practices. Unless you know the origin of the document how can you rely on it?”

How to tell the difference?


In order to make sure your copy of the IET Wiring Regulations is genuine, flip over the front cover and check for an official hologram just inside. As you can imagine, this immediately makes it more difficult for fraudsters to try and copy the original! The hologram contains the IET logo in two sizes and the word “GENUINE”. There are also extra identifiers, some of which can be seen with a magnifying glass.

What some people may not know is that the IET is a registered charity meaning they hold great responsibility when it comes to upholding standards. All proceeds taken from  book sales are pumped back into the organisation and of course the electrical industry. Although it's by accident, the IET urge those who need to pass their 18th Edition to remain very vigilant when buying the latest wiring regulations book as ideally the money should go back towards ensuring Electricians provide safe and up to date work for the public!

Mark continued by saying:


“Ensuring that genuine copies of IET publications are being used by electrical professionals is important in order that correct standards are used to protect the public and those working in the industry from injury and fatality.

“My advice to people looking to buy a copy of any IET publication would be to buy it directly from the IET if they are in any doubt about the supplier they are making a purchase from, or to consult our list of validated suppliers in the UK. Electronic access to BS 7671:2018 is provided by both the IET, through Wiring Regulations Online platform, and BSI, through British Standards Online (BSOL).”

The 18th Edition is essential for those carrying out Electrical Installations as it becomes a legal requirement for Electricians to carry out such work. Those found without holding such qualification risk facing the penalties! If you would like to book your 18th Edition and buy the book from a reliable source, please click here to find out more!