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Electrician Courses - #Thisismyreason

Electrician Courses - #Thisismyreason


Students from all over the world have selected Able Skills as their Training Provider. But what's their reason for undergoing the Electrician Courses they've chosen? Today we explore this question as we spoke to several students to find out more about what they plan on doing in the future and detail how their particular course can put them on the right track to reaching their goals.

William Dutton - Home Study Electrical Course Level 2 

Will told us he had chosen the Home Study Electrical Course so he could learn the new trade in a more flexible way. Sometimes we can't all dedicate all our time into a full time course. We may have a 9-5, kids to look after and other various responsibilities that can get in the way of being who we want to be. Will currently works in a factory on a forever shift changing schedule and he's able to learn the theoretical aspect of the course in his own time and when he feels like he's ready, he booked his practical time here at Able Skills. The main benefit for him was of course the time flexibility offered and Will has his assessment to look forward to in the near future.

Alex Barton - NVQ Level 3 

Alex has previously undergone other Electrician Courses like the Level 2 & 3 Electrical Course, gained his City & Guilds Qualifications and even works on site as an Electrician. He was advised he needed his NVQ Level 3 in order to prove his competence as an electrician and needs to successfully pass such assessment in order to gain his JIB Gold Card.

Alex can expect to be assessed at his workplace where an Able Skills assessor will gather evidence of your work in order to prove your competence amongst various electrical work.

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Adam West - City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course

Adam currently works as a Gas and Heating Engineer for a company who also hires Electricians. He's now looking to add to his current money stream and rightly so, he thought offering electrical services will make him even more money. As he currently works on domestic properties, Adam decided to enroll on an Electrician's Course that trains aspiring students with little to no experience and helps them secure real jobs. With a job already lined up for him, Adam's day rate will now go up and he's even looking to offer private work for further cash.

Stuart Cleverly - 18th Edition

Now every Electrician out there needs to make sure they're up to date with the latest wiring regulations. This is because it's illegal for someone to work on electrical installations without having prior knowledge of how to do so in a way that is up to date with industry standards. As of January 2019, it will be a LEGAL REQUIREMENT for all electricians to be up to date with such wiring regulations if they wish to continue working within electrical installation. If you need to book this, please click on the above 18th Edition link.

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Kyle Davis - City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course

Kyle actually previously passed his Level 2 and through great application of his existing role, his firm have now financed his Level 3. Not only does this allow him to sharpen his skill set as an aspiring Electrician, but he can also expect a pay rise too! Perhaps he's looking to follow Alex's footsteps as this is the typical route for those looking to achieve their Level 3 NVQ! His company was particularly happy the career move as we offered a flexible payment plan to help spread the cost as Kyle steadily progresses.

So there we have it! Many different reasons for undergoing various Electrician Courses, whether it's career progression, learning something new, increasing your pay or all 3 of these things. If you've been inspired by the students stories above and would like to find out more about the Electrician Courses they enrolled on, click on the above links or click here for an extensive list of all the Electrician Courses we offer!