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Electrician hits out at low-energy light bulb law

An electrician has questioned the new law that old bulbs can no longer be sold.

Gary Fisher, manager of Dorset-based company GF Electrical, has claimed that there are a "number of problems" with the law.

According to Green Building Press, Mr Fisher said: "The idea, although well-meaning, hasn't been thought through, will be hugely expensive and inconvenient and will have very little impact on the environment in reality."

He also said that many light fittings will not fit with energy-saving bulbs and that for lights that are only switched on for a short period they only offer a short lifespan.

"You can actually shorten the bulb's lifespan by up to 85 per cent - basically back to where a normal light-bulb would be - except you paid more for this one," he added.

The new EU law aims to replace regular filament light bulbs with energy saving varieties by 2012.