Electrician training starting in April and May 2021!


The global pandemic has made it difficult to have security in your  employment. With so many people around the country still on some form of furlough scheme and over 700,000 jobs lost. You may be thinking about learning new skills to set yourself up for new opportunities. Learning a trade like electrics can set you up for life with knowledge and skill to fall back on. With our comprehensive electrical training options you can start with little to no experience and eventually leave the centre with the confidence to start working out in the industry and even become self-employed. Everyone who is aspiring to become an electrician starts at the same place with our City & Guilds Level 2 Electrician course - This qualification is your starting point, over the 7-weeks of training You will learn to be an Electrician from scratch.


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Electrician training starting in April and May 2021!


What will I learn? 


This 7-week course is aimed at giving you a solid understanding of  the fundamentals of electrics. This is the starting point and will lay the foundation of knowledge for you to then build upon. Our instructors will be teaching you through a mix of both classroom-based theory lessons and hands-on practical experience. During the practical side of the course you will really get stuck into the tasks of an electrician and learn the skills you will need on a daily basis. Some of the practical tasks include; working with PVC wiring, understanding lighting circuits, power circuits, equipotential bonding, steel cable tray techniques, how to carry out installations safely and much more. The course is then completed by taking on both an online exam taken here in our dedicated exam room and practical assessments.


When can I start?


As stated, we do currently have spaces available on this courses starting from either the 12th of April or the 17th of May in the new year. Why not put this year behind you and start fresh in 2021 with electrician training. These places will go fast, if you are serious about a new career in electrical then make sure to give us a call on 0808 100 4235 or you re welcome to come and visit our centre in person and even take a look around the centre for yourself. Additionally you can book courses with us online! Most of our electrician training options can be booked online just take a look through our website and look for the button marked 'Reserve your Space' from there you can select a date that suits you and fill in your details. For this particular City & Guilds Level 2 electrician course take a look below for the online booking form...





Staying safe?


We are doing our absolute best her to ensure that we are presenting a space that is both safe and reliable for our students and staff. Since reopening from the end of August, we have put many measures in place and made changes to the way that we operate in an effort to reduce the change of spread at our facility. This includes reduced class sizes, providing personal protective equipment like mface coverings and gloves, having separate tools and equipment for seperate students, our workstations are now for inidivual students instead of the previously having two in each and we are cleaning the centre regularly as well as disinfecting the entire training areas with our fogging machines. If you are visiting the centre please use common sense and wear a mask whilst talking to our staff. We will continue to do the best we can in accordance with the government's advice and hopefully continue to help students kick-start new careers in these strange times.



Want more information?


For more information on our range of Electrical training courses give us a call on 0808 100 3245 - Over the phone we are happy to answer any questions, provide guidance and get you booked onto a course. You are also completely welcome to come and visit our training centre in person, in person we can discuss your options, explain how courses work in further detail and even take you on a guided tour around our facility so that you can see firsthand the work that we do here and what to expect when training with us. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


If you live outside of the local area and have a fair distance to travel, then you may have thought about securing yourself accomodation in the local area. Did you know that we have our own accommodation available. Our accomodation buildings are all located within a short walking distance from our centre and can be booked for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! - If you are interested in booking our accomodation for the duration of your electrical training, make sure to contact us with plenty of time before the start of your course with us as spaces are limited!



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