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Employers plan to take on more new graduates

Those keen to learn a trade such as plumbing, will be interested to learn that many big employers are planning to boost the number of graduates and trainees that they take on this year.

A survey of 100 big employers carried out by High Fliers Research, found that there will be a rise of 9 per cent in the number of opportunities on offer, representing around 1,400 extra jobs.

Doing a prior work experience placement or apprenticeship at the firm could help to land one of the jobs, the research suggested.

The rise in traineeships and entry-level jobs is the largest in four years, the research found, and two-thirds of the employers said that they will be offering "paid work-experience programmes" for both students and recent graduates.

Managing director of High Fliers Research, Martin Birchall, told the BBC: "This very significant increase in graduate vacancies…means the job prospects for graduates…this year are the best they've been since the start of the recession seven years ago”.

The study is positive news for young people looking ahead to their career path, as last year’s study from the Association of Graduate Recruiters painted a less rosy picture, suggesting a fall of 4 per cent in vacancies.