Gas Engineer finds potentially fatal leak whilst fitting smart meter!


A farther living in Bury is encouraging people via social media to get a gas engineer to check their home after an incident at his household. The man was looking to get a 'smart meter' installed in an effort to save money and keep track of his energy bill when the Gas Engineer he hired found a potentially fatal gas leak. The leak was caused by a gap between the flue and the boiler, putting his family in potential danger and violating safety regulations!

After the awareness spread during Gas Safety Week last month, people are becoming aware of the issue around carbon monoxide poisoning. This ourderless gas is hard to detect for a number of reasons that why getting a Gas Engineer to come to your home and carry out safety checks is never a bad idea! British Gas revealed that their engineers found 26,000 faulty electrical or gas appliances when visiting homes in the first seven months of 2019.


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Gas Safe Registered Engineer.


If you are going to hire a Gas Engineer then make sure that they are qualified and are registered with the Gas Safe Register! This is a legal requirement for anyone carrying out gas work of any kind. You can check the legitimacy of an engineer by asking for his/her ID card which they will be carrying - simply type their unique ID number into and it will let you know if they can carry out work legally or not!


Want to become a Gas Safe Engineer?


If you, yourself are looking to become a Gas Safe Engineer then you're in the right place, we have been providing Gas training courses for a number of years now, if fact, over 10+ years. Our facilities are top of the line and so are our instructors who have years of experience teaching and working out in the industry as registered engineers...

New Entrant Gas Training Packages:


We run 3 different New Entrant Gas Training Packages - each includes a different number of courses, the first is the fundamental training. Over a period of 7-weeks, you will learn through practical experience, tasks and assessments. You will also learn the theoretic knowledge on a very large range of topics including:

  • Training on aspects of health and safety-relevant within the gas industry, including asbestos awareness
  • Training to work safely around electrical systems
  • Training in the use of copper and low carbon steel so that your pipe skills are established at an acceptable standard.
  • Training on heating controls, Airing cupboard and radiator installation practices
  • Training in all areas of domestic gas safety


New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 includes portfolio completion and an ACS assessment, both of which are necessary when looking to become an engineer. The third and final package includes everything talked about above but also includes a Boiler Fault Finding Course as it has become apparent to us that some candidates are missing knowledge surrounding servicing boilers - New Entrant Gas Training Package 3


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Gas Training Courses at Able Skills


How do I become Gas Safe Registered?


An ACS will need to be completed before you are eligible for Gas Safe registration and this is a requirement for all operatives involved in the installation, maintenance and servicing of domestic gas appliances and pipe-work installations. Also, every Gas Safe registered business renews their registration on an annual basis and updates their qualifications every 5 years, meaning you will need to refresh your memory on gas safety every 5-years! You can apply online, they have made it as simple and easy as possible - applying costs around £362 - do not try to avoid becoming registered because ultimately you will be found out!

Additional Information:


If you are looking for some more information regarding the Gas courses talked about throughout this article then do not hesitate to get in contact with an Able Skills representative, you can do this by... Calling: 0808 100 3245 / Emailing: / Or simply coming into our office, we have an open policy - meaning we welcome candidates to come in look around our training centre, ask questions and generally we will guide you towards the best options when looking to become a Gas Safe Engineer with the help of our gas courses!

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