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Why enroll on our Gas Courses?

gas coursesGas Courses. Today we speak about the importance of delving in such industry and outline just a few perks of studying towards your gas qualifications.

Firstly, lets talk about its demand. There’s no two ways about it. The demand for skills within the construction industry is at an all time high. With the UK aiming to build 300,00 new homes in 1 year alone, the room for expansion as well as new entrants on gas courses to make their mark has never been easier. One mustn’t forget that initial boiler installation for example in addition to many other gas related work needs regular maintenance, creating regular work.

Secondly, society is built upon an economy driven by public contribution. This results in people learning a skill they feel the country can benefit from. For the UK as a nation, it is hugely important that we encourage such essential skills to be learnt so we can apply these to helping the public. Plus, what’s a job if we do not gain some sort of satisfaction from the role? Such jobs can be rewarding as we help people with their home improvements.

Such demand naturally brings great financial reward, especially when specialist skills are developed. Yes, becoming a gas safe engineer does have its benefits and people will pay for the skills you bring to the table. Such trade has been around for years and we cannot see the industry just disappearing overnight. Total Jobs reports the average salary for a Gas Engineer to be £37,500. What’s great about such statistic is that this doesn’t include starting your own business. When working for yourself, you can certainly expect to earn upwards of this figure. Don’t forget working for yourself means being your own boss too! You call the shots and you call the hours. Isn’t it crazy to think such lifestyle can be achieved by starting out on various gas courses.

gas courses (Phillip Barron)

How many of us are guilty of attempting to fix something at home that we know we don’t really know how to fix? Im sure many hours have been spent in doing so and what better way to learn to a trade that cannot only generate a good salary, but to be able to apply those skills to your own home. Many of those who have made a career after undertaking gas courses tend to have all in order at home. The latest home designs are just another park of the job you see.

On a more important note, the reality is home emergencies do occur and we waste valuable time calling around hoping to find someone who can come right there and then. Being able to tend to these emergencies can help you sleep that much better knowing you can fix it yourself and ensure the safety of your family. With so much illegal gas work done by those illegally doing so does not put your loved ones in the safest of positions. I’m sure you would rather trust yourself if you’re qualified as opposed to someone who doesn’t even hold the correct certification.

We’ve spoke about the financial rewards of enrolling on gas courses, as well as the demand and skills involved along with such perks of being your own boss and being able to solve house hold emergencies. But there is one more perk we’ve yet to touch on, and that is the work itself. Successfully passing your gas courses and gaining industry experience both set you up for great job satisfaction through job diversity. Every single day can be different. Working on new homes, new commercial properties and solving different problems on a daily basis will really keep your love for the trade sky high.

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