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Even more great feedback for Able Skills

David Kay - Attended the 6129 Level 2 Plumbing CourseI felt prepared for all of the tasks asked of me and found the teaching to be very helpful throughout my entire plumbing course. The staff created a comfortable atmosphere to learn and work in. They were approachable and friendly all of the time. My only worry now is I hope I can remember everything that I have learnt!Levi Anderson - Attended Multi-Craft Plumbing CourseWhen I first arrived at able skills I did feel slightly apprehensive because I was the only female on the plumbing course. However, the tutors were very friendly and helpful and made my time at the centre enjoyable and comfortable. I do not feel that an improvements need to be made as I gained the knowledge I wanted and left very happy.Vince Jones - Attended the City & Guilds Bricklaying CourseThe most important factors that helped me choose where I did my bricklaying course were price, location and the reviews. The price is reasonable for achieving the full city & guilds level 2 qualifications and as it was held in Dartford I did not have to travel far. The tutor was excellent and explained everything thoroughly. Simon was always on standby if I needed help or when I was struggling. I was never made to feel under pressure when booking the course or at any point through completing my qualification. Overall, I am over the moon with everything I have learnt with my time at able skills.Stephen Flux - Attended the City & Guilds Carpentry CourseOverall, I found the carpentry course very informative and educational. I thought all of the teachers were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I received different methods of completing tasks from the instructors and feel that this helped me with developing skills and finding my own way of doing things correctly. The equipment was in good working order and good quality although from time to time wear and tear did get the better of a couple of vices. I am considering coming back to able skills to do further courses and extend my knowledge.Richard Wheeler - Attended the Intensive Carpentry Course Tim and Steve are excellent instructors. They were always willing to help and provide friendly advice. The facilities at the training centre are tidy and well kept, the tools and equipment are in decent condition. Overall, I had a fantastic training experience and would recommend able skills to anyone who wants to learn a new skill.Keith Sykes - Attended the City & Guilds 2382 Electrical CourseWhen I first arrived on the electrical course, even though I have electrical experience, I was nervous that my knowledge would not be sufficient enough to pass the test. However, after the first day I felt more relaxed and more confident in my skills. This is all down to the tutor being extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.Mark William - Attended the Introduction to Electrics CourseThis electrical course was a brilliant introduction to the electrical industry. The tutor was very informative, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm. The facilities at able skills were in a good condition and very tidy. I have definitely enjoyed this week and I am glad I chose able skills to do my training.Robert Wenlock - attended the city & guilds 2382 electrical courseRichard, the tutor, is extremely professional and he commands respect. His knowledge is amazing and the way he explains things is so that everyone can understand. I do not feel that anything needs to be changed on this course as I enjoyed it and felt fully prepared for the exam and was not surprised to see a nice big pass mark on my results.Hari Bahadur Gurung - Attended the City & Guilds 2330 Level 2 Electrical CourseBefore I did this electrical course I had no prior knowledge at all. Now, I feel confident when undertaking tasks and assessments that I will pass. The theory and practical knowledge I have gained throughout this electrical course has been to a very high standard. The centre is well equipped with experienced instructors and with all the materials and equipment required. The administration team are helpful and overall, this is a well organised training centre.Robert Wenlock - Attended the City & Guilds 2330 Level 2 Electrical CourseWithout a doubt, in this short time I have really learnt a lot! The course tutor was excellent and there was brilliant support for when we carried out our practical training and assessments. A great big thank you to Richard, our tutor. He made everything so much easier to understand and was always there if I had any questions at all.Vine Ag - Attended the Introduction to Electrics CourseI felt fully prepared for each task and assessment as the course was delivered very clearly and easy to follow. As a student I was able to work at my own pace and felt able to ask a question to improve my knowledge.