Carpentry is a great hobby to pursue. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of making a small piece of furniture with your own hands.


Even with basic knowledge of carpentry, you can fix small problems with furniture around the house and even possibly build some of your own from scratch.

Carpentry is a great hobby to pursue; nothing can beat the satisfaction of building something with your own hands, taking pride in making it look good and function properly.

Although carpentry requires a bit of physical strength, It is slightly easier these days with a variety of tools available to make it easier and most likely more accurate, for example instead of the good old wood saw, an electric circular saw can cut a standard eight-foot board quickly with minimum effort form the user. Make sure you use tools in a safe manner as power tools can cause nasty injuries if not used correctly. You must learn the health and safety regulations and demonstrate caution.

Patience is also key. This is particularly important when measuring and drawing lines for cutting, rushing this process can result in a complete failure and you’ll find yourself starting from the beginning again if you’re not too careful.

Carpenters provide vital construction services for many types of building and remodelling projects. Above-average growth is projected in the field, which is just one advantage to this career. Others include work flexibility, project variety and robust paid training options that can lead to advancement opportunities.

Carpenters can choose from a wide variety of jobs in commercial, industrial and residential construction. They may construct or renovate houses and condominiums, or work on commercial projects building hospitals, office buildings and malls. Industrial carpentry focuses on setting concrete and building supports for bridges, tunnels, mines, dams and other large projects. There is so much variety in this line of work and so many different projects to work on. 

Want to take a course in carpentry?

On the introduction class, you will learn the basics over five days here at Able Skills, this short intensive course is ideal for those of you who want some introductory carpentry skills with a City and Guilds certificate at the end. This is a great hands-on course covering a range of very useful skills and is also an ideal course for anyone who is contemplating undertaking a qualification.

Able Skills 5-day Carpentry course has been recognised by City & Guilds as a comprehensive introduction to carpentry.

During this 5-day Carpentry course you will learn how to:

  • Use hand tools such as chisels, planes etc.
  • Cut basic joints Cut and fit architraves and skirtings
  • Fit a Lock
  • Fit a door into a lining/frame

Able Skills has a fantastic training facility and we offer lots of different courses that can lead to a variety of carpentry and joinery qualifications. Equally, Able Skills are happy to cater for those of you who have a basic knowledge of carpentry but want something a little more suited to their needs, so something bespoke. If you call with your requirements, we will help if we can.

This course can act as a fantastic introduction to the trade and following on from this; it may be that you want to gain carpentry qualifications. If that is the case, you may be able to upgrade to any of the longer programmes of carpentry that we teach. To help you, we will deduct from any course, the time spent on this course and we will also deduct the fees paid for this course.

Take a full C&G 10 Week Carpentry Course: 

This is a fantastic course which reflects what Carpenters really need to do once working on site. Over a period of 10 weeks, we will provide you with comprehensive training in order to move you on to the assessments successfully