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Experienced Workers looking to get a CSCS Card

experienced workersAs the Construction Industry is now cracking down on workers that are working on-site without a CSCS Card, we are seeing a lot of workers now looking to gain their qualifications. Many of these experienced workers would have worked in their chosen industry for their whole career but haven’t got the relevant qualifications. Therefore, we have the Experienced workers route (EWPA) for students that are highly experienced but need to gain a qualification. This prevents them having to complete full course.

Having a CSCS Card is the only way you can gain access onto a building site these days and without one you have no chance of gaining work. We have been seeing a huge number of people coming to our centre with years’ worth of experience to gain the qualifications they never achieved. They might be extremely skilled but have no qualifications to show for it.

Our EWPA route allows experienced workers to come to our centre and carry out a practical assessment to prove their skills and gain the qualification they need to get a CSCS Card in their chosen trades. To be eligible for this route each candidate will need to have 5 years of provable evidence of working in the industry.

We offer this route for all our construction trades:

This process begins with a profiling session right here in our centre with one of our assessors then they go away with the EWPA pack and will complete that before coming back to have the pack checked before the practical assessment.

That means no site assessments are required, just a profiling session here at Able Skills and a practical test to confirm your competence. This plan will help experienced workers with getting the right CSCS card and gain you access to site work as a skilled worker.

If you are an experienced worker needing an NVQ, come to Able Skills to complete our EWPA Route. Contact us on 0808 100 3245 for more information on how to get started. We are also open 7 days a week, feel free to pop down and ask any questions you may have before booking.