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Expert urges boiler servicing in summer

Now is a good time for boilers to be serviced.

That is the opinion of David Holmes, founder of Boilerguide, who said that despite it still being summer it is a good idea to check that systems are still working now before the cold begins to bite.

"Boilers should be serviced every year so why not get it done when, at the very worst, not having central heating and hot water for a few days matters the least," he said.

In the summer, central heating and boiler usage drops by around 80 per cent.

Many simply use the system to get hot water for the likes of baths and showers.

Mr Holmes added that should a boiler not be serviced in the summer months it could lead to "a very uncomfortable day or two".

Previously, Mr Holmes has advised people building new homes to consider underfloor heating instead of radiators.