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Fantastic Feedback for Able Skills

FEEDBACK - 18/05/12John Wade - Attended the Introductory To Electrics CourseI feel that this course does not need to make any initial improvements as the training given was thorough and informative. The tutor managed to deliver the course in a very professional manner and also incorporated an element of fun to the program.Scott Taylor - Attended the City & Guilds 2392 CourseI was fully prepared and confident for the online exam as the tutor went above and beyond with regards to teaching this course, which I think is great as it helped me understand the whole of the 2392 course. I feel that the tutor passed on knowledge that will definitely benefit me with regards to electrical safety and testing situations. Overall, the course was delivered professionally and the facilities were at a very high standard.Alex Berry - Attended the 10 Day Part P Domestic Electrical CourseThe instructor, Richard was inspirational and created a relaxed and fun working environment. I felt I learnt a lot and I am ready to go out into the world and start my new career.Joe Hamer - Attended the 10 Day Part P Domestic Electrical CourseThis course was a very intense course, full of information. The instructors were very experienced and their knowledge was invaluable. Richard has some very good teaching methods and I found it helped me to understand everything a lot better. I am very impressed with the course as a whole and I did enjoy my time at able skills.Colin Cowdry - Attended the City & Guilds 2382 CourseI am over the moon with the result I got for the online exam on this course. It is all down to the teaching methods of the instructor who delivered the course to a very high standard. I was very impressed!Richard Hedges - Attended The City & Guilds 2330 Level 2 CourseThe knowledge given throughout this exam was to such a high standard that it enabled me to pass all of my online exams. I feel that everything I learnt through this course will help me incredibly in the future. The instructor was very approachable and friendly and there was always extra support when we went down to the workshop to complete practical tasks and assessments.