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Here at Able Skills we are now back in the swing of providing training courses on a weekly basis. One course that all those working with electrical installations must take on is our 18th Edition course as it is a requirement for you as a working electrician to understand the latest wiring regulations and what they mean when conducting installations, repairs or maintenance. Our course is 3-days in total and will help you to familiarise yourself with the regulation book itself and what's expected by industry standards. Let's take a look at what some of our recent students thought about this theory-based course...


18th edition courses

An 18th Edition Courses at Able Skills!




"I found the centre online. Honesty the teacher was very good, had a good plan, was easy to talk to and very informative. I feel that I have progressed very well"


18th Edition course  - Max May 


"I found the course online and it turned out to be excellent. Really well delivered and was a perfect preparation for the exam. I have a much improved understanding of the 18th edition wiring regulations now."


18th Edition course  - Nick Goodson


"Really good delivery, the instructor explained everything well which helped a lot. My knowledge of the wiring regulations and grown over my time on the course."


18th Edition course  - Connor Oakshott


"Appropriate for subject content - Good use of past papers. The course filled in a lot of holes in my electrical knowledge and put me in a position to analyse the quality of work done by my team out on the job."


18th Edition course  - James Kelly 

How does it work?


This course is entirely theory based as you should already have a good knowledge of the electrical trade as a whole. The course will be taught within a classroom over 3-days focused on what the regulations are and their application on the job accompanied by worked examples. The course is taught by our expert instructors who understand the regulations completely. The course will not only prepare you for the exam in terms of how to find the information you need in the book itself but will give you a real feel for what the regulations mean whilst out in the industry and how to implement them.


How do I get started?


To get involved with our 18th Edition course you have a few options, you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245 this is the most direct form of contact with us here at our centre, you can ask questions in real-time, seek advice and book a course over the phone. You can also come into our office in person and book a course, we are located in Dartford, Kent just a short distance from the local train centre. Alternatively, you can book any of our courses online, simple find the course you are interested in and look for the green button labeled 'Reserve your Space' from their you can pick dates that suit you, fill in your information and be booked in no time!


Contact us:


We are happy to say that we are back in full force here at our centre running courses and teaching students every single day of the week. Our phone line are back between the hours of 8:30 - 4:30! Feel free to give us a call, ask questions, seek advice and even book a course over the phone. You can also visit us in person without an appointment, feel free to walk into our office during opening hours and we will help you as best we can and even show you around so that you can see for yourself the great work that we do for yourself!



18th Edition courses

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