Check out some feedback on our 18th Edition Courses!


Here at Able Skills, we run a variety of different electrician courses, but one piece of electrical training that every electrician and potential electrician needs to pick-up is the 18th Edition - the industry standards for electrical work needs to be understood by everybody...There is no better place to gain that knowledge and understanding than Able Skills, our instructors are experts in the matter and will help you to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the regulations!

The course is 3-days in total, during the three days you will learn how to use the 18th edition regulation book itself - taught completely in the classroom by our experienced instructors. They are experts in the field and understand everything there is to know on the subject- do not hesitate to ask them questions throughout the period, that is what they are here for! The assessment at the end of the course is 2-hours long and will see you complete an online assessment that is multiple choice.

Mobile 18th Edition Courses: 


If you run a company or your place of work is in need of 18th edition teaching, that's right we will come to you! We will send an Able Skills assessor to your place of work...This is available for both the 3-day course and 1-day refresher course. Firms now have the ability to have a dedicated Able Skills instructor entirely to themselves and gain side by side help. Those who work in various fields have the opportunity to really have a tailored course specifically to you and your employees' needs. - Get into contact with us for more information about mobile 18th Edition courses by calling: 0808 100 3245! 


18th edition courses

Check out some feedback on our 18th Edition Courses!



C Burges

“Great instructor who could articulate the content of the complicated regulations in an easy to understand manner! Great course!”


A Sannis

“A lot of was covered in such a short amount of time. The tutor was informative and made light work of teaching us how to navigate around the regulations. I would recommend this course to others. I will definitely re-attend Able Skills for any future courses I take!”


P Leagas

“Course + tutor were excellent as always, I will definitely return to Able Skills for more courses and learning!”


J Deane

“Tutor was very pleasant and knowledgable. Allowed participants to concentrate on areas where it was needed and provided great guidance.”


G Elvin

“Good course, good tutor, everything that I was expecting to do all was done and shown very well, I really enjoyed it here on this course!.”


S Stroud

“Very in-depth, great explanations, I feel so much more confident after my time at Able Skills, I now understand the new regulations and I’ve progressed a lot on this knowledge from the start of the course to now.”


K Burrell

“Course was well set out, the instructor was very clear and precise and answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease.”


J Hansworth

“Trevor is excellent – The course was a great mix of technical knowledge and understanding, it was a great learning environment!”


D Wilson

“Alistair delivered an excellent breakdown of the 18th Edition regulations, his methods and tips for navigating the book were good, I have a newfound confidence in my knowledge after passing the course and ensuring the new regulations are included in my work going forward.”


J Rowbottom

“Excellent well delivered and explained in a manner that I could easily understand, the course gave me a better understanding of the correct, new regulations.”


D Ward

“Trevor is not only skilled in the course content but showed lots of different prices of advice and memory techniques to help me remember the information better those strategies made me feel much more confident in my knowledge.”

More details:


Want some more information? If you are looking for some more details and advice on how to go about getting involved with the 18th Edition courses or any other Electrical training, prices, booking and so on. Call 08081003245 our representatives are waiting for your call and are happy to help! Furthermore, if you would like to take a look around and converse in person then you are more than welcome to come by our office in Dartford and we will advise you on the best options for you...We are located at a very short distance from the local train station. Accommodation is available whilst studying here at Able Skills, for around £20 /per night to enquire about that please contact us as spaces are limited!

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