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Carly Gayle (LadBible)

Finally, people are beginning to accept more women in trade work as successful Plumbers like Carly Gayle talk openly about surpassing the stereotypical boundaries given to her!

Carly first started out as a Plumber back when she was just 15 years of age after helping out with her father's Plumbing business on weekends. Despite being far from a stranger to the trade, some of her earlier clients and even to this day didn't quite know how to take her. She said she has experienced sexism and has even been mistaken for a model rather than a Plumber.

Despite this, Carly has continued to grow to the point where she earns a very generous salary and her services are in very high demand; particularly amongst other women looking for a Plumber and the elderly.

Here's what Carly had to say about her work and experiences

"When I was an apprentice 13 years ago, there were almost no women around in plumbing and I have had a lot of comments over the years.

"People have said 'Where's the man?' when I've turned up at jobs before, and I've also had people not believe I'm qualified or actually able to do the job.

"There's been other times I've been in B&Q in my normal clothes with my handbag, looking at tools - knowing exactly what I'm looking for - and have had groups of lads come up to me and say 'Don't hurt yourself darling'.

"I just flash them my Gas Safe register card, and they soon shut up.

"The comments used to get to me but they're only served to make me really thick skinned, it's definitely made me more feisty."

It's safe to say that Able Skills has had a massive increase in female students across our centres for not only our Plumbing Courses, but for our Electrician Training too and ofcourse our Gas Training Courses as this tends to be the next natural step for Plumbers.

Here's some pictures of females undergoing Plumbing Courses and Gas Training Courses at Able Skills. It's great to see someone like Carly working within the trade for so long since a young age.

plumbing courses

Females Students On Electrician, Gas and Plumbing Courses at Able Skills

plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

Despite the remarks Carly may get it must be very satisfying pulling out her Gas Safe ID! She did say that there is a long way to go for females in trade work to become the completely the 'norm' but it's women like Carly and those you see in the above pictures that are surely changing the game!

She Comments Further Below

"I'm so grateful that I got into a trade because I have so much knowledge and I have earned good money, probably more than most women my age."

Being a construction course training provider gives women like Carly the platform to grow and earn a living doing they love as apposed to doing what society tells them too.

We welcome all females regardless of their background to take up Plumbing Courses or any other trade to give them the head start they need! For any questions or general inquiries, you know what to do!