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Former Pilots reaching new heights through Tiling Courses

tiling coursesWeek in week out we see hundreds of students coming to learn with us at our centre in Dartford. Able Skills welcomes students from all aspects of life whether they're from half way around the country to half way around the world. Studying towards their NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course, we are proud to accommodate BOTH Luiz Victor and Ian Harrison who are both former pilots! Luiz and Ian will be here for 8 weeks after selecting one of our Tiling Courses.

Beginning with Luiz, he is a former pilot flying private jets personally back in Brazil. I think we can all agree on how amazing it would be to fly in such aircraft on just the one occasion...but how about flying them yourself over the course of 5 years? This is exactly how long Luiz had spent being a pilot and enjoyed his time doing so.

But what lead him to our Tiling Courses? Unfortunately, Luiz lost his job in Brazil's 2014 economic crash which ultimately influenced him to move to the UK in search of work . Luiz had spent a short period of time within hospitality working in UK restaurants but it wasn't a career Luiz wanted forever.

Luiz told us that he had always admired the creativity and design aspect of the trade and thinks it will keep him engaged enough to make a good living through doing what he enjoys.

tiling coursesWorking alongside Luiz is former helicopter pilot Ian Harrison who is also on the NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course. Ian spent 2 and a half years as a pilot after training in America in 1998 and eventually moving over in the year 2000.

However, even though a career that satisfied him in the short run, Ian said he was lucky enough to meet who then became his wife! Ian chose to settle down and move back over to the UK and doesn't regret a single day!

With that said, there was a short while in which Ian worked in sales. We have all heard of the pressure involved in such job and its no surprise why Ian decided enough was enough. He went on to tell us how he always wanted to work for himself in something more creative rather than dealing with numbers all day and we're glad to see that our Tiling Courses is whats helping Ian towards his goal!

If you would like to follow in Luiz's and Ian's footsteps, please take a look at the Tiling Courses we offer here. More specifically, if you would like more information on the NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course then click here.