Plumbers are very important and are needed in near enough every house or building in the world. Every house or building has some form of plumbing and plumbers are always called to fix it or install it.


Freddie ditched the 9-5 job to become a Plumber.

With the increase of homes being built in the UK came the added demand for more Plumbers. People have begun seeing the opportunities to work in plumbing or other construction trades, Freddie was one of those people who have opted for a career change. Freddie has just finished his training as a Plumber at Able Skills.

Freddie was just the standard 9-5 city worker who felt that his career had hit a dead end, after a long thought he knew that it was time for a change. Becoming a Plumber didn’t stand out to him at first, however, he saw the opportunities and benefits of this trade and he went for it. He has not looked back since as he begins working in his new career as a Plumber.

After looking around for the right centre, he found Able Skills and booked the Level 2 Plumbing course straight away. He is now finished his plumbing course and is now looking to go onto his gas courses.

Working in an office didn’t suit Freddie anymore and he was extremely happy to get training from Able Skills to begin his new career. He praised his instructor, Mike for all the help he gave him throughout the course to help him develop his skills.

Also, he had high praise for the way he was able to pay for the course. Paying for his course in instalments meant it was a lot more affordable for him and he could pay each Monday he trained, instead of paying in a large sum.

Freddie is now looking forward to completing his gas course with Richard in our new gas training centre.

We are looking forward to seeing Freddie again in the near future for his gas training, as he looks to increase his skills for his new career.