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From Economics to Electrics… Lucas’ journey to becoming an Electrician

Lucas has made a change to his future and he done it with Able Skills he started with economics and now to electrics.


This is exactly what Lucas done, after a few years studying economics, he decided that it wasn’t the career for him and he saw a gap within the electrical industry and he jumped at the chance to get trained as an Electrician.

After studying economics for a couple of years at university, Lucas had a decision to make and he decided that he wanted to take a new career path and a career as an Electrician interested him more than anything else. He also has some experience in domestic electrical installation, so he had a rough idea of what he was in for.

With his existing knowledge with electrics and within the industry it made it a little bit easier when he started his Level 2 Electrical course. He took this course over weekends to make the payments more flexible and to spread his course out over a longer period.

Over the time of his weekend course he learnt a lot more and he really enjoyed the theory and practical elements. He also described himself as very lucky to have Bryan as his tutor, as it really helped him develop his skills and to be successful in the course.

He was soon starting his Level 3 Electrical course with us at Able Skills, and again he chose the weekend training option. This time his instructor was Steve and he was very happy to have learnt more from the industry from such an experienced tutor. He now has a few weekends left on his level 3 course before he fully starts his electrical NVQ.

So far Lucas said he has been “100% Satisfied” with everything on the course and everything he has learnt from both Bryan and Steve. He is also considering completing the inspection and testing qualifications after he has finished.

As he works towards his NVQ, Lucas has been working on our new plumbing and electrical centre to get it ready for the end of April. All this work will go towards his NVQ and he is doing a very good job with all the electrics in our new centre!

Here is Lucas working on the electrics in our new centre. Here is Lucas working on the electrics in our new centre.

Lucas has really appreciated the advice he has had from our NVQ assessor, Clive and he has made him feel very confident and not have any pressure.

His new set of CK tools provided by Able Skills has allowed him to work to a high standard throughout his courses and will give him the start he needs as he now starts working as an Electrician.

Now Lucas is already working as an Electrician as he looks set to complete his NVQ.

We want to wish Lucas all the best for the future and we hope to see him again soon.