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From Plumbing To Gas Training - To A New Career

As the UK slowly climbs out of recession, yet facing a long period ahead of austerity cut backs, there is almost certainly a knock on effect to be felt across many industries and workplaces. Traditionally, those working in the utilities, such as electrical, plumbing and gas are often viewed as being immune to much of the worst effects of economic slowdowns.After all, just about every premises in the UK needs to be supplied with electricity, water and gas and the installation and maintenance of the different types of energy devices.At British Gas, a major UK energy supplier, for example, positions exist for qualified and skilled individuals of all ages in domestic gas, plumbing and electrical roles.These include :- Technical engineers to carry out the annual servicing of British Gas customers' central heating systems and appliances, as well as system maintenance and upgrades,- Servicing fitters to service and maintain customers' central heating systems and other domestic appliances.- Lead plumbing engineers to carry out the installation, maintenance and repair of all plumbing related equipment and associated pipe work.- White goods electrical field engineers to undertake a range of duties, including repairs to white goods/kitchen appliances, domestic electrical installation, maintenance and annual inspections on customers' electrical appliances and installations.Today, the urgent requirements of adopting a green energy policy across the country mean there is a never ending demand for trained and qualified plumbers and gas fitters who will able to be competent to roll out the new technologies, such as Solar heating and ground source heat pumps in the immediate future, as part of the Government commitment to reduction in CO2 emission levels.As the cut backs continue, many individuals will be taking stock of their current working arrangements and could be seriously looking to retrain for a more stable career path.With the green energy revolution gathering momentum, this could be seen as another positive reason to enter the industry by training as a fully qualified domestic Gas installer. One route preferred by many students is by first undertaking the Plumbing 6129 course levels 2 to 3 .AbleSkills training courses are available with different options on lengths and durations of training time, which are immediately seen as a great help to all those with individual working circumstances, and beginning a new and secure future career path can be organised very quickly between staff and student to begin as soon as a student is ready.