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From Police Officer To Plumbing and Gas Courses With Richie Barker!

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Ableskills recently had the pleasure of training a particular student who is looking to cross over into the Plumbing and Heating industry after a successful career in the police force. We had the privilege of speaking to Richie just as he finished the combined Plumbing and Gas Course. We even found out a little more about his past and how he found out about our Plumbing and Gas Courses in the first place!

For those who may not know, if you've undergone any Plumbing Courses, you automatically qualify for the 5 week Gas Training Course, as apposed to undergoing the full 7 weeks. This is because the previous Plumbing skills you would have learnt covers you for the 2 weeks of pipe skills we add in on our 7 week Gas Training Courses.

So What Was Richie Doing Before?

Just like the majority of our students, Richie literally started his journey as a Plumbing and Heating Engineer from scratch at Able Skills. Prior to this, Richie told us he worked for the Home Office as a Police Officer! After giving his service for 30 years, Richie accomplished what he set out to do, which was to make a difference in society and after having done so, he decided it was time to retire!

Richie told us how much he loved working in the police force and openly said he wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for the support he received from his family. But how did he end up at Able Skills? He actually found some work at a local construction site where he was recommended to us by a former Able Skills student!

On To Able Skills...

Shortly after being recommended, Richie thought it would be a good idea to visit Able Skills in person back in December to not only ask a few more questions, but to have a look around our centres where he would be undergoing both Plumbing Courses and Gas Training Courses.

So How Did He Get On?

Richie spoke very highly of all of his tutors and said the tuition he received from Richard, Ben and Sam was 'first class'! He told us that both of the Plumbing and Gas Courses met both of his classroom and practical needs as each tutor broke down what needed to be learnt in a way that was almost tailored to each student.

Richie also wants to give a shout out the the ladies in the office 'who have been fantastic' in helping him with everything whilst training here!

What Does He Want To Do Now?

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His immediate plans include working with a company to get his gas portfolio done before coming back for further training on both the Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems Course and the 18th Edition!

We must say that it was a pleasure to train Richie. He was such a pleasant guy with a lovely personality and we wish him nothing  but the best for the future. We hope to see him soon!

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