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Gas engineers show Christmas spirit and fit boiler for free

Gas engineers and plumbers in Bolton have shown a bit of Christmas spirit and helped fit a boiler for free for a couple who were struggling to afford a replacement when theirs broke down earlier this winter.

Rodney and Ruth Nelson's boiler broke three months ago, leaving them stuck for how to replace it. They weren't eligible for a free replacement under the Government's Affordable Warmth Scheme and were unable to buy a new one without taking out a bank loan.

As a temporary solution the couple boiled kettles on the stove and used an electric heater to keep warm in the house. They also joined a gym just to have access to hot showers.

However, Manchester-based Freedom Renewables Ltd heard of the pair's problems and offered to fit a boiler for them free of charge out of kindness.

The Bolton News reported that the firm's sales manager offered to remove the old boiler and fit the new one with a lifetime warranty to make things easier on the couple over the festive period. Dragon Warmth Solutions, a sub-contractor of Freedom Renewables also helped deliver the early Christmas gift.

Mrs Nelson, aged 63, told the paper: "A boiler just in time for Christmas – we are so grateful." She added: "We were quoted