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Gas Safe Engineers - Have You Ever Had To Report One?

gas training coursesToday's news brings you the story of unregistered gas engineers who caused their victim (Jill Earley) so much trouble that she even struggled have them convicted! She stated the Health and Safety Executive persistently tried to drop the case and let the rogue traders go free before eventually seeing justice prevail. Those that are Qualified Gas Engineers know the dangers of sub standard gas work. It really isn't anything to cut corners with, nor is there any room for error considering the potential repercussions of gas leaks and fires etc. Those that have undergone correct Gas Training Courses, passed their ACS Exams and are on the Gas Safe Register, are the only real Gas Engineers you cant trust.

As she explained her case, she claims the rogue traders should have been dealt with alot sooner. Here's what she had to say:

"I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get the HSE to do anything. Whether Gas Safe didn’t upscale it or the HSE said they were doing nothing I don’t know. I got emails from the HSE saying they had asked questions and were concluding the investigation, not taking it any further. I said I wasn’t having that. What Welsh and Allen were doing was dangerous. People were sitting with these fires not realising how bad they were. I feared they were going to blow the street up or kill somebody. Everybody has let us down. Gas Safe knew about this a year before they did anything and HSE kept wanting to drop the case all along.

A HSE employee said they were dropping it and there was nothing else they could do. I said he was on notice because these dangerous fires were in people’s homes and if someone got hurt I would publicly name him personally as responsible. “I’m not saying that changed his mind but the next thing they said they had done a full investigation. Karl Welsh had been signing off on work he wasn’t even entitled to do. He was only Gas Safe registered for doing work under supervision.

Mrs Earley also reveals all about the work done on her home:

“When we got the manufacturer out they said he pipe that brings the gas in had a 90-degree bend in it whereas it should have been curved. They said it would weaken over time. It was immediately condemned.

“It was then turned off again after it started giving off too much heat and melted picture hooks.”

As you can imagine an organisation such as the HSE were quick to defend themselves having the type of reputation that they have.
A spokesperson said:

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“HSE’s prosecution of James Allen and Karl Welsh concluded on 3 January 2019, with suspended prison sentences and other consequences for both. The investigation has been reviewed, and the reviewer was satisfied that a proportionate and timely investigation was followed from November 2016, when HSE was first notified of issues at the property by Gas Safe Register (GSR). “The issues at other properties were not notified to HSE by GSR and it was not until we became aware of them in June 2017, that we were able to gather the robust evidence needed to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and enable the successful prosecution of both Mr Allen and Mr Welsh in April last year.”

Have you ever reported a rogue trader?

Cases like the above are becoming increasingly common! Never hesitate in reported someone you know to be a rogue traders as shoddy work has lead to many incidents including death! It is not ok and no one should ever cut corners! Working with gas is a serious matter and you should only consult a Qualified Gas Engineer who has undergone all relevant Gas Training Courses!