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Is there too much trust in Gas Engineers?

Gas Safe have recently stated that British people trust Gas Engineers far too easily and in return are putting their families at risk.


It is a well known fact that too many people are putting their lives at risk by having illegal gas work done in their homes by illegal gas engineers who aren't qualified or they don't have the correct training to carry out the relevant work.

According to Gas Safe, too many people are judging 'Gas Engineers' on appearance and personality rather than the qualifications and skills they have. Obviously this isn't the smartest thing to do and it could prove fatal to people and their homes.

People who claim to be Gas Engineers without the correct qualifications, are carrying out gas work illegally and, even more importantly, could potentially  be very dangerous. It could trigger gas leaks which could end in Carbon Monoxide poisoning or even gas explosions in properties.

Over the past few years many people have been fined, arrested and jailed for carrying out illegal gas work. Also, people suffer from bad injuries and sometimes fatal injuries from the effects of illegal gas work.

If you are either having gas work done or training to be a Gas Safe Engineer, you need to make sure you do it right. When training to be a Gas Safe Engineer you need to make sure you choose the right training centre to ensure you are getting the right training to be able to complete legal and safe gas work.

When you need gas work completed in a property or your home, it is very important that you don't put your trust into just anyone. Gas work can be very dangerous if done incorrectly, so it is very important you are paying someone that has the correct training and qualifications. You are able to check if someone is registered as a Gas Safe Engineer on the Gas Safe website.

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