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The National Landlords Association (NLA) recently addressed their concerns regarding Gas Safe Registered Engineers not holding the necessary knowledge regarding the latest gas legislation. Such issues came about after the NLA had received reports from members of the public who contacted them after voicing their concerns that the gas safe registered engineers who inspected their homes were not familiar with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Amendment Regulations 2018.

Being a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, you would assume that these particular engineers would certainly be clued up on what the latest regulations are, much like Electricians do with the 18th Edition Course.

Here's What Happened In The Words Of The NLA

The concerns raised by members related to provisions made under the regulations, which preserve a certificate’s expiration date when an inspection is undertaken within the two months prior to that date. However, it emerged that gas safe engineers were issuing Landlord Gas Safe Records with an expiry of 12 months from the date of inspection.

Making sure Gas Appliances are looked after as well as checked and maintained is a massively important task we must ensure to keep on top of. There have been many incidents in the news which don’t seem to be just a one off. If you were to search for unsafe gas work related incidents, you’ll be finding new cases on a weekly basis. From rogue traders, to members of the public who have tried doing some DIY themselves, or even simply do not have a carbon monoxide alarm in their homes.

They Should Know!

gas training courses

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With that said, we employ fully qualified Gas Engineers to do the work for us and this falls into the argument for Gas Safe Engineers needing to know the latest legislation. With the risk of hazards and fatalities being high, The National Landlords Association thought it was necessary and understandably so, that they felt obliged to raise the recent concerns on their website. After all, hiring a Gas Safe Registered Engineer should mean they are DEFINITELY in the know regarding all related rules and regulations.

The voice of the NLA has certainly been heard as Gas Safe Register’s CEO, Jonathan Samuel has said that there would be a feature on the topic in the Gas Safe Register’s Magazine. Mr Samuel noted that this would be in addition to a reminder going out to the organisation’s usual mail and on their social media channels.

Don’t Risk It!

Make sure you are still having your property checked by a fully qualified Gas Engineer who has undergone all relevant Gas Training Courses! If you’re unsure as to what this refers to, please click here.