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Gas Safe SWAT team target 'Skills-Dodge City' cowboys!

There doesn't seem to be a week that doesn't pass by without yet another news story about the activities of illegal, untrained and unqualified plumbers, gas fitters and electricians around the UK.According to the latest survey conducted by the Gas Safe Register, 'cowboy' gas fitters are now carrying out a quarter of a million gas repairs or installations each year! More than half are sole traders and it is estimated at least 7,500 are a hard core without the mandatory approved gas training and qualifications.It is even more worrying to discover that not only are they carrying out illegal gas work, around three quarters or more, will also undertake plumbing jobs, bathroom and kitchen fitting, a half will take on general building and even electrical work! They represent the most dangerous type of 'rogue trader' operating today and as the nations' enemy No.1, are the main target of the Gas Safe Register's national investigations team.One in 10 of the illegal gas installations investigated in the last nine months have been categorised as 'Immediately Dangerous' and the appliances disabled straight away to make them safe. Almost half of these had faults that could have led to lethal carbon monoxide exposure plus there are many gas appliances still unaccounted for, left in a dangerous state.A spokesman for Gas Safe, in a recent statement, said,