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Be safe when Gas training!

All technical trades are very popular and the work available for Plumbers, Electricians and Gas engineers can be very regular. People are always in need of these 3 workers to help them in their homes to fix the problems they may have. One that is extremely popular right now is Gas, this is because it is such a great qualification to have and gives Plumbers an extra pathway.

There are a few different routes that can be taken into the Gas industry. Gas candidates are put into 3 different categories, which are:

Category 1: Experienced Gas Engineers

Category 2: Those who hold nationally recognised, gas trade associated qualifications

Category 3: New Entrants to the Gas Industry

A gas student completing some testing. A gas student carrying out some testing.

All three of these categories will determine what course is best suited for the type of candidate that is looking to become a fully qualified Gas Engineer. The first category is for experienced Gas Engineers that need to renew their qualifications to continue working as a Gas engineer, also it’s for Gas Engineers that want to expand their level of work.

The second category is very rarely seen and this is for people that have previously gas related work where they will need to show evidence to back it up.

Finally the third category is for candidates that are just entering the Gas industry and will have to complete all gas training.

There are 5 different new entrants packages that offer all the training and guidance needed to become as Gas Engineer. These will all include 4 weeks of gas training and also help with the portfolio building and ACS assessments. Other new entrant’s packages will fit the needs for what new entrants need to learn. If someone is entering the industry with plumbing qualifications they will need to complete 3 weeks of gas training.

A very popular route into the Gas industry comes after completing the Level 2 Plumbing course. A common progression after finishing gas and plumbing training is to go on and complete a Level 3 Plumbing course to expand your knowledge and skills. Completing your training like this will open up many doors for your future employment, as it shows your wide range of skills and qualifications meaning you can complete higher levels of work.

We offer 6 different Gas packages at Able Skills that give hopeful Gas Engineers the chance to gain all the necessary qualifications and skills. This is a great time to gain the qualifications because many home owners are getting peace of mind knowing that they have qualified Gas Engineers working in their homes due to an increased number of unsafe gas work being carried out. Unsafe work can cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning and explosions.

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